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PCB solutions created för your production DNA

For over 40 years we have helped Swedish and Nordic industry with electronic test solutions. Many of our customers are successful global companies. All what is needed for production of testing equipment is in our factory in Gävle, Sweden. Therefore , we together with our partners can design and control all steps to produce a testing function from the drawing board to the finished product.

For over 40 years we have helped Swedish industry with electronic solutions . Many of our customers are now successful global companies. All that is needed for production in our factory in Vällingby , Stockholm . Therefore , we control all steps from the drawing board to the finished product. High quality is easy for us. 

We can chemical process , materials science and production optimization . From the schedule or idea , we develop a basis for stencils and layout , produces printed circuit boards from 24 hours with the possibility to complete the circuit board within a week. 

Above all , we are flexible . We take small jobs or large projects , single copies or larger series. Since Multicad is part of a larger industrial context , we can also take on projects both in volume production and more complex electronic products with cables, mechanical , glass, etc.

We provide you – our partners with:

Flexible production service focused on your individual needs Quality oriented production service. Flexible and on-time deliveries. Service of specialists in custom manufacturing to your specifications.

Highly developed quality system backed by ISO 9001:2008 and quality techniques based on Toyota Production System principles, PFMEA, 5S, Poka Yoke and others. System for sourcing, storing and delivering on time. 

Volburg Ltd. is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Company and specialized in manufacturing of electronic assemblies (PCBA) and modules since its establishment in 1996.

Volburg pays high attention to development of new technologies and products with a primary objective to meet expectations and needs of its customers.

Our main focus is PCBAs as well as system integrated solutions including mechatronics, cable-harnessing, software uploading and testing.

The synergy between highly qualified personnel and technological know-how allows us to offer comprehensive sub-contracting services by paying attention on continuous need of the constantly increasing dynamics in electronic industry.

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