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We’ve been helping Swedish industry for over 40 years with electronic solutions, and many of our customers are now successful global companies. Our factories in Gävle, Vällingby in  Stockholm, Vellinge and Salaspils in Latvia have full capacity for all that’s needed for production. Therefore, we’re in full control of all production steps; from the drawing board to the finished product. High quality is easy for us!


We have exensive experience with chemical process, materials science and production optimization. From a schedule or an idea, we develop a basis for stencils and layout, produce printed circuit boards within 24 hours with the possibility to complete the circuit board within a week.


Above all, we are flexible. We welcome smaller jobs to larger projects, single copies or larger series. Since the companies are part of a larger industrial context, we can also take on projects both in volume production and more complex electronic products with cables, mechanical, glass etc.

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